Jul 28, 2017
Nana (Manga) add (All reviews)
cottenstuff (All reviews)
I fell in love with NANA the second I looked at the cover of the first volume. It is so beautiful and atmospheric, just like the opening phrase Hachi says each episode. There are little parts of the story that I will always carry with me, like a new found affinity for things like strawberry printed glass cups, woodworking, and bathtubs. In my opinion, NANA is a very good thing to remember, and at times angering to watch. I say watch in a manga review because I haven't been able to read past a certain point in the manga (my library doesn't hold the series to where it stopped), but I have seen most of the anime so I am using that to go off of. I really love NANA. It has probably my favorite atmosphere to any piece I've read. However, I found the characters to be a bit frustrating at times. Hachi would make such god-awful decisions that would turn me off of the story. To be honest, I am a person who would love a Nana x Nana endgame where they end up together and support each other and are a cute couple who don't constantly back stab each other, but I highly doubt that sort of conclusion would have been possible. All and all, NANA is a piece I highly recommend. It will make you feel some type of way when you look back on it, and it is just such an iconic must-read for shojo fans.