Jul 28, 2017
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If you have seen any sports anime, there is one thing common in all of them, i.e., Adrenaline Rush. But I find it missing. Maybe it's because of a not-so-mainstream sports, diving.

Story(5/10): I thought I will watch it till 5-6 episodes, because 1st episode of any sports anime can't give you enough content and that feel which gives you a reason to go on with the anime. And guess what! I dropped this anime just after 4th episode. After watching those disastrous 88 minutes including OP and EP, i guess that mangaka thought about making a cool and "different" anime.
"AH! What shoud we do? What should we do?... BINGO. let's make an anime about Diving about which no one gives a fuck and we'll also introduce some typical out-of-the-box lame characters." In the climax of episode 1, they mention Tokyo Olympics (not a spoiler, reconsider), so it indicates that there will be much in later episodes. But there wasn't anything except introducing some shit opponents.

Characters(3/10) : They managed to create good ART(7/10) but they tried to create unique characters, and mind you, UNIQUE is not always GOOD. Neither they developed the characters in a standard way, nor very different, so in a way, LAME!
Giving 2/10, but +1 for unnecessary but good Fan Service.

Sound (2/10) : OMG! The mixing of soundtracks with the voice acting is dreadful. I would say that voice acting was very natural but the mixing was awful Blame this new studio for that. Some soundtracks were directly copied from some metal bands, if you listen closely.

Guys may not like this anime, you'll know the reason when you'll start with it.
People are claiming that the story and characters are kinda plagiarized from anime like Haikyuu and FREE!

FINAL VERDICT : I have dropped this anime on 4th episode. If you wanna watch any sports anime, watch anime like Hajime No Ippo, Kuroko NO Basuke, Haikyuu, etc. This should be your last preference.