Jul 27, 2017
ariko9 (All reviews)
Note: While it's definitely not a ✧spectacular✧ anime, I definitely wouldn't say that it's horrible. For a game adaption, it's actually quite good. The game itself has little story, more or less just grinding to kill the Time Retrograde Army's monsters, so the anime added an interesting backdrop to the game. To really enjoy the anime (and be less confused), it would really help to know the game. However, even if you don't play the game, it can still be an enjoyable watch. It's also almost too early in the season to judge the anime (only 4 eps released when this was written), so I would say watch it or keep watching. I mean, what could go wrong, they're pretty sword boys...
//Will edit as the eps are released//

Badass swords try to prevent the Time Retrograde Army from changing the course of history! Why do they care? Cause their master told them to do it! (more on this later)
6.5/10 - Okay, not too bad
Good for an adaption of a game with very little story. Adds another layer *to the game*. Without playing the game, it's harder to be invested in the anime, as the people the game already are interested in the characters. Even as a stand alone anime, the story isn't bad, it's just not one of those "wow this is a ground breaking anime" kind of thing. Honestly, even though I've seen some *quality* time travel anime, I still found the story of this one to be enjoyable and cute. Main guy has potential to push some pretty interesting character development for himself (and maybe the others) as he actually asks questions! (I wonder if my standards have lowered...) Unexpected turns occur later in the story, so keep watching!

Cool leader dude, clever trainee, hot headed guy who eventually warms up to leader dude, nice tough guy, calm+collected guy, mysterious white haired badass???
7/10 - Has potential!
The main characters themselves are actually not as one dimensional as you might expect. Izuminokami (Leader/mentor guy) seems like the causal and jokester ish type at first, but stepped up as leader and had to keep the course of history, even if it meant casualties. I mean you can say that's just cliche, but it's a pretty hard thing to do if you don't particularly enjoy killing people. His foil (Mutsunokami), on the other hand, is very similar to him but would rather save lives, so the two have an interesting relationship. The Leader's trainee (Kunihiro) seems to be the only one that questions their master and asks "why am I doing this", so he has potential to become a v e r y interesting character indeed.

9/10 (nothing can compare with your name's or a silent voice's animation t_t)
*cough* great animation, so pretty, please watch it *-*

like the most bias part of the already bias (kinda lol) review
9/10 - I like this stuff
+I play the game, I like the anime, it makes sense
It has exciting fighting sequences, funny/cute sequences in between the more significant moments, all the good stuff. It's just not ground breaking, but it does it's job. There's really no other anime like it. It's like bishounen fanservice (where it isn't harem/romance) with enjoyable story so you can really watch it for the plot.

7/10 - Worth a watch, better than a lot of other anime in the ~6.9 range.
-Anime meant to support + give depth to game, you'll enjoy it more if you played the game, but still enjoyable as a stand alone anime.
-It's really your expectations- it's obviously *not* one of those grand masterpieces (yet? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), so don't go in expecting that. It's an enjoyable watch with likeable characters that aren't just generic 1D eye candy.
-It has a lot of potential with the plot/characters, actually if they do it right.
-The story is fast paced with breaks inbetween, so weird pacing? but it doesn't take away from the overall anime.
A good anime is an anime that does it's job, and if this anime's job is to make the game more appealing and to make money, gg (would buy merch again).

CONCLUSION: Give it a watch, just know it's purpose and not to expect something mind blowing and you'll hopefully enjoy it! ^^
Thanks for reading! Play the game too, it's oddly satisfying?