Apr 24, 2010
lali97 (All reviews)
okay this is a really cute manga.
In the cover page, the picture looks like a level headed kind of girl and a level headed kind of boy. We all know that those two pairs make a pretty boring story but this one is nothing like it.
It's interesting and the story always has something to build up on. Actually the the boy is not level headed he is naive to this world and cute. The girl is cute and not very serious she is normal.
The characters are great and likable. The story is likable.
It is overall a very good and enjoyable manga.

See how cute he is: This is a wallpaper:

I know pppl cant resist to spoil things but I want you to see that this manga has drama. Actually Leum was born in the wild since he was running away from his family (he inherited a lot of money). So occaisionally he gets attacked. Also when Leum senses danger or sees blood he turns viscous like an animal and his love for Yuiko makes her able to stop him. The story doesn't really center on that it centers on how people judge him by his looks.