Jul 26, 2017
riorangel21 (All reviews)

Ever since Unlimited Blade Works was produced, ufotable's overall production went downhill. Their modern anime works lack story quality and having these poor character executions. Tho I highly praised them with their stellar visuals.

As of now, Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu is struggling on pacing, characters, plot and heck, very poor introduction on the pilot episode. Sure, the fight scenes were very fascinating but I just can't ignore the fact that the series already show its major flaws in the first 4 episodes. The show is like forcing you to understand and feel bad for the characters without giving you any major knowledge about them. I've seen other people playing the original game ( mostly are girls ) talking like "Meh, you don't play the game ofc you won't understand it!~","Omg, kyaaah, Tonbokiri my love is here *fangirl screech*"."Stop saying that the show is very confusing, play the game first!~". So what? I don't care about the game, all I care for is the anime adaptation itself. Heck, I didn't knew Fate series was a thing until ufotable produced such great adaptation about it.

The thing is, where is the 2011 ufotable who made such interesting series/movies like Fate/Zero and Kara no Kyoukai? Tho I woudn't blame them fully.

But for now, All I can say that the series lacks alot, noticeable flaws somehow making the series predictable. Although the show is very pretty but I don't know if people would like this show or not. Do I recommend you to watch it? Yeah sure, why not for starters or for you guys who just love action but I won't recommend this for people who takes anime as a serious subject/medium.