Jul 22, 2017
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Nature is funny.For there is stuff we know and stuff we don't. Since animals don't really talk (excluding parrots and such) we can only find out information about them in time. One of the common mysteries some might have is on the concept of bats and how come they only come out during the night. While the animation does not provide a scientific basis behind their logic this anime took this bat mystery and provided a plausible outcome to some regard. Even if it is told in cartoonist form. As for the underlying message behind the story, life needs to be taken in paths. No one person's journey should be on the borderline of paths. For how can you really understand a path you take unless you reach the end?

-black and white
- Some minor lip syncing flaws in the animation.
-crisp and clear. As in not too bright or dark.

Overall: A lot could be said about this animation and the content behind. While i mention what i thought to be the main context there is still a lot that is discreetly covered with different manners as well. For example if you replace the animals as characters for humans one might see the idea or issue we had with race in the past. I am not saying the anime has a negative tone it is more neutral than anything else.