Jul 20, 2017
Inorichi (All reviews)
I flew to Japan to see this movie and I have to say it was worth it. Artistically speaking, definitely among the top. However, the story felt a bit rushed. A set of movies or even a seasonal tv anime may have worked better and you`ll understand why if you see it.
-2020 Revision

Story: 8
Great story but it definitely feels rushed even with 2 hours. Tet recalls the story of 6000 years ago before he becomes the one true god and it pretty much explains who everyone is and the survival of imanity, however, they just go over way too many things and loses the entire "no game no life" part of NGNL. To elaborate, they have to cover the great war, romance between two characters, and focus on several characters in just 2 hours, which isn't enough imo. What really pushed this movie from a 7 to an 8 was the fact that it was a recollection done by Tet, who makes an appearance at the beginning and at the very end, which may explain the amount of content covered. Still interesting and very enjoyable though.

Art: 10
To me NGNL will always be way up there in art, the colors and the unique designs and fantasy setting all work together to create a vivid and interesting experience and NGNL Zero does it even better. The setting is much darker than the original, but it was still an incredible experience to see in theaters to say the least.

Sound: 9
Sounds were great and built up was on screen nicely. The ost playing as Tet concludes his recollection really made an impact, however, none of the OST's in the core part of the movie stood out as some of the more iconic themes did in the anime.

Character: 7
This was another problem for me with the anime, as all the characters were great, except Shuvi, which is somewhat of a problem as she's our heroine / Shiro replacement. Her entire premise as an ex-machina, and robot yet human felt out of place and just continues to feel out of place while she develops. As for the others, a majority of the characters resemble the cast of the original NGNL anime (since they're technically their ancestors), and to top it off, the movie has a much nicer looking, less annoying Steph.

Enjoyment 8/10
I point out a lot of the issues I had with the movie and the truth is it was great. I`m probably going to go see it again before I`m out of Japan but it`s something you have to see if you even somewhat enjoyed ngnl.

Btw if you saw it in theaters(Japan) you can buy goods and you even get a free little manga-like mini-pamphlet for free. Pretty nice!