Jul 18, 2017
HammockChi (All reviews)
Watching Kobayashi-san's Dragon Maid reminded me a lot of Manabi Straight!. They are both "moe anime" who try to do something different. Manabi Straight tried really hard to shoe-in some sort of environmental drama which just made the "cute girls doing cute things" not that fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Dragon Maid tries a lot of different things. At it's core its a slice-of-life, but it tries to do romance, ecchi, comedy and even some drama. At least for me, it was too much. This is not really a objective look into the series, more of my personal feelings about it.

So, you have this dragon who becomes the house maid of a lonely programmer. Then, hijinks ensues, right? Well, not really. Life stays pretty much the same, except the maid is always trying to make her master eat her tail. Some more dragons show up, but none feel right. Kanna is cute! So cute, I almost died of cuteness every time she showed up. But that's it. That's the entire depth of her characther. In a moe anime, this should be enough, but somehow it doesn't. Lucky Star's Tsukasa, Azumanga Daioh's Chiyo and more were all cute, but they also had a great deal of personality which made them great to watch for hours which Kanna lacks. Then you have the serious attractive male dragon who just decides he wants to be an otaku for the rest of the series and not much else. I'll always be greateful for Lucoa's because I'm sure she will be great on doujins, but in the series she felt out of place almost the entire time.

So you can see the pattern here, the series has a bunch of characters they can never make truly great. Their designs and voices are top notch(Where did Kyoto Animation ever let us down in this department) but the personalities are just not there.

If not for the amazing animation, music and character design I would have probably dropped before the end, which I did for Manabi Straight.