Jul 17, 2017
Feu-ri (All reviews)
So I just finished writing my review for Naruto (Classic) and I will now attempt to put out all my feelings about Naruto Shippuuden.

Story (9): The story received a huge upgrade from the previous show, I must say I didn't intend to get as hooked as I did. It went from ninjas doing cool ninja stuff while growing as people to grown ninjas becoming the best versions of themselves.

Art (8): In the beginning the art feels a lot like the classic but worry not, half-way the animation turns into what we're all used to now, even though sometimes I found myself looking at the faces in the background and think "What happened there?". During the fights the faces also get a bit distorted but I'm not sure if it's to amplify the battle or not, either way I loved it.

Sound (10): This is something that will never change for me, Naruto has the best soundtrack overall. I'm one of those people that usually skips the opening and ending but I can't do it with this anime, I must sing along. They are also able to choose the best song to intensify a characters feelings, if you don't cry when "that sad song from Naruto" comes along then you're lying.

Character (10): When I first watched Naruto, I could only grow attachment to a small group of characters. Now after 6~ years I cannot tell you how much I cried for literally everyone, their stories and feelings got to me in a way I don't have words to express. It's very diversified, it feels very real and most of them are bound to get a spot in your heart.

Enjoyment (9): I'm not that kind of person that can watch anime all day, or come home from work and watch anime but Naruto made me do both of these things. I wanted to know what was going to happen next, who was going to break my heart next, it made me excited and happy. I cried a lot and it saddens me that it has ended.

Overall (9): This show has gained a special spot in my heart, it has for sure become my favorite anime. But I couldn't give it a 10 because of all the fillers, it was an issue on the classic, it was an issue on this one. They weren't all bad, but I can't imagine the pain people went through watching this on going. Props to all of you that made it!