Jul 17, 2017
RinSalamander (All reviews)
I'm giving Yuri on ICE a 5 star.... I'm not making many friends with my opinions here...

So, why the 5 star? Well, simply, way too much time was devoted to side characters. Victor, Yurio and Yuri? NAH! LET'S BRING IN KING JJ!

I'm sorry, but if you want to do a show with good, in depth side characters, take notes from Chobits, they did it correctly WITHOUT taking main focus off the main characters.
The only side character I found tolerable was Chris, and that's only because he had an orgasam everytime he skated, which, I found amusing.

I feel this got way too overhyped JUST because there was implied yaoi/gay couple in the lead characters. Honestly, I don't think it was done well. They could have really made their relationship special and stand out, with the whole coach and student relationship, Yuri looking up to Viktor, and so on, but they just.... Didn't. I was disappointed, their relationship wasn't fleshed out and was put on the side just for the side characters who couldn't even get fleshed out!

Also, while not quite as bad as your Lie in April's piano playing sequences, the constant ice skating with internal monologues with little to no character interaction became rather dull after a while...

If you want a good story with interesting side characters? Chobits or Fruits Basket. You want a cute romance anime? Chobits, Your Lie in April, Clannad are all fine. You want a Yaoi anime? I haven't seen many, but I'm sure that Junjo Romantica is better than this mess. You want more ice skating? Can't help you there.

I'd recommend to anyone who really likes ice skating, implied Yaoi, though have your remote handy to skip the ice skating, or just someone who wants this on in the background. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone seeking thick plotted anime, if you want that, check somewhere else.

[EDIT] Because I was talking about this with some of my friends, and something was brought to my attention... Did Viktor and Yuuri even love each other?

Starting with Yuuri; He clearly highly admired Viktor to the point of idolization and internet stalking. He has many posters of Viktor, he copies one of his acts move for move, AND named a dog after him, clearly this boy has an obsession, or some amount of unhealthy fascination with this man. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I don't think unhealthy obsession translates into love. Admiring someone doesn't make you have a personal relationship with them to such a point to call it love. They were acquaintances at best before Viktor became Yuuri's coach.

Now for Viktor; He seemed to take interest in Yuuri, due to the aforementioned Ice Skate routine Yuuri copied, and took up being his coach, likely being impressed with Yuuri and finding him to have some amount of talent or skill, or maybe it was because Yuuri did his routine and that alone interested him. Then of course, Yuuri because Yuuri is a freak when he got drunk. Viktor saw this, and probably began lusting after Yuuri, and then yuuri asked Viktor to coach him.

Now, maybe they fell in love while Viktor was coaching, but I don't know, they focused so much on side characters I actually don't know if it really got to true love, or if it was just the admiration and lust. Either way, it started out as a one sided admiration, and I'm assuming the other side was lust.

Due to my further thoughts, I'm bringing YoI's score down to a 4. this is again, just my opinion, and you're allowed to like and dislike what you please, these are just my opinions.