Jul 17, 2017
Drakoqueen (All reviews)
I think this anime is underrated. The story is original and it really gives a lot to think about.
There are some parts that remind me of Ghost in the Shell and others of Tokyo Ghoul but in resemblance and not as in a copycat. I think this is something positive since the ones who enjoyed those anime can have another one to enjoy.
I loved the first season and the development of the main character but the second was even better.
There were many unexpected turns, of behavior and plot.
I thought of it as thrilling and intriguing.
I also loved the main character, Akane's physical design that is a bit contrary to her personality. She is a short cute girl that seems to be naive at first and can easily be underestimated but she has a strong and honest personality that makes her a real role model and a true leader.