Jul 15, 2017
pygmalion (All reviews)
I know the series for the first time is due to randomly searching for alternate title around 2013. At that time, I got really bored with all anime aired (and popular) at that time. During this search and boredom, I stumbled upon a PV of Tamayura, and instantly attracted.

Fast forward 4 years later, here I am now, still rewatching and rewatching the entire series, from the original OAD which released far back in 2010 up to this last piece of movie. No other word can explain what I felt regarding this series: Awesome.

The series told about a whole three-years life of its character, and each of them are developed slowly yet carefully during the whole series. You can watch them and feel it as is you're one of them yourself. The story is so deep in meaning and messages, yet it is conveyed in a such light way. You need not to put more effort on enjoying the work while understanding the story messages. The song itself also boost up the entire story, making it as an unseparable part of this awesome work.

After a long day of tiresome works at office, school or other places, this piece of art is definitely soothing your day and relieve you of all streeses. It's so warm, yet so easy to understand, and moreover, it is really relaxing, both for yourself and your mind. Definitely one of the best Slice of Life series I'd ever watched so far.

The only drawback of this episode is just one: there will be no more Tamayura in future.

If you're about to try watching this series, don't hesitate any longer. Just hit the play button, sit back and enjoy the show.