Jul 14, 2017
UltimateDeath (All reviews)
This review is my first ever review and thus I only rate it based on enjoyment and other factors. This is all based on my opinion you can either accept it or not, read it or not read it :3
But now for this review :3

When I first watched this Anime I thought it was really bad but after rewatching it, it’s not so bad. It’s really amusing. >w<

I give the Story (4-5/10) because the story is about a protagonist who is scared of girls because something that happened in his past. His father invites two twin girls sisters to try curing his phobia. The first episode is pretty much simple to understand where as the second episode was more random as if the creators wanted to try something entirely new.

I give the Art (6/10) because the animation was pretty much alright, I like the way they have contrasting colors for example in the first episode the girls was ginger haired whereas the second they are blond. Since this is an old OVA Anime you can instantly feel and recognize it in the art.

I give the Sound (5.5-6.5/10) because I actually enjoyed the background music that’s been used which gives me the older days feels. The Ending songs was pretty much average and I can’t think of a reason to listen those songs at all even if I was an adult in that time where this anime ova came out, I’m actually pretty curious about this anime’s background music if there is some kind of album lol.

I give the Character (6-7/10). Because I actually enjoyed the unique designs for the girls, I think the creator that made KissxSis got inspired by this anime OVA since the one girl named Rika had alot of common features with Rika from KissxSis, a coincidence? I don’t think so. Whereas the boy with phobia was pretty much average, he kind of was a bit irritating of me but I guess later he became ok. His father was pretty much disturbing to me, where the insane rich girl comes second but I guess the different personalities of those support characters gives a good grasp on how characters was made in the 90’s.

I give Enjoyment (6-7/10). This Anime OVA was pretty much fun to watch; my first time was pretty much disturbing but sometimes you just got to give something a second chance for better understanding it. My main criteria for loving an anime is a great story/plot and memorable unique characters with meaningful character development. This Anime had a lot of decent ratings in certain areas but the story was there where it lacked most, I might have been kind for giving it the rating I gave, I don’t know? But the Art/Animation, Sound/Music, and Characters made this worth a watch.

I had a lot of fun writing this review (since it was my first time), and since I’m rewatching some of my old completed Anime I might make more reviews. Writing this review also made me appreciate this Anime OVA more, since I personally thought this was to an overall rating of 5, but I changed my mind and give it 6 for its unique creativity, if I could read Japanese I would try giving the manga a chance, but I just must see in the future. :3

Overall Rating 6 - Good ^_^

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