Jul 14, 2017
Rikuson1 (All reviews)
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season Review

Story (7/10) Good
More Specifically (7.25/10) Good

The story for Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season was good, it definitely explained what was going on in the struggles of war far better than it's manga counterpart during the sections that were covered. Although even with that being said the concept of the struggles of war were indeed present you can tell that it was definitely more laid back (at least until the last episode) than season one. This arc slowly but surely introduced the monks and their realization of newtypes but I did feel it did it take a bit too long to address where all these monks came from and what their plans are even for 4 episodes. One thing Season 1 focus and portrayed were 1) The Struggles of war and what humans are willing to sacrifice to get their way and 2) Rivalry between not only the Zeon and The Earth Federation but Io and Daryl the two main character. This season 2 did still has confrontation between Zeon and the Earth Federation (as it should) but the paths that Io and Daryl have taken did not clash once (as far as I remember) this entire season and if it did and I can't remember (because you know we got one episode a month) it wasn't memorable. Anyway my point is if there's one thing that from a story standpoint that I feel Gundam does better than most anime is the rivalry story and how it plays out between the main character and antagonist, with that missing I can't sit here and say this from a story standpoint is superior or even on the same level as season 1 but it's still good nonetheless.

Art and Animation (10/10) Outstanding

This is one thing that Sunrise just can't go wrong with especially when it comes to this series the amount of detail in the art style and animation just looks so outstanding you pray that everything they do Gundam related brings this type of quality to the table, nothing bad in my opinion can be said about this section.

Sound (8/10) Very Good

The Sound effects and still very good and distinct but the BGM this time around was hit or miss for me. I feel (especially for the final episode) the whole happy go lucky music vibe that they were going for during grueling and painful scenes of death during battle felt just a tad out of place. I feel they were going for a happy/sadistic vibe of happy music during death scenes but like I said I don't feel it meshed too well although the actual music playing was good I felt it didn't really fit as well as the other BGM.

Characters (8/10) Very Good

The characters that were focus one were very good, not a lot of characterization or development that happened during these four episodes. It doesn't really hurt them as characters but as far as vast and noticeable improvements in comparison to season 1 nothing really is showcased. Now Io does have some what of characterization during the last few minutes of episode 7 and the entire episode 8 as he show how much he truly cares for Claudia, which is something that was borderline unclear in season 1 so credit there is given.

Enjoyment (8/10) Very Good

My enjoyment was very good for the majority of this season although I do definitely believe this pales in comparison to my enjoyment of season 1. Because like I said for me personally I get a unique high off of the quality rivalry that Gundam also presents in it's stories so when it's not present or not good my enjoyment takes a big hit. (It's probably why I didn't enjoy the MC of Ironblooded Orphan's Mikazuki he lacked a worthy rival). Nonetheless I still enjoyed it just not as much as season 1 and feel the same will be the case if this gets a season 3.

Overall (8/10) Very Good
More Specifically (8.25/10) Very Good

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season just like Season 1 blows it's manga adaptation out the water and proves that Gundam is far better watched than read, that can't be said about every series. The sound effects in Gundam battles is something that can't be missed and it's so unique. Although I feel this isn't as good as Season 1 this is still a very good season I feel that the pacing of Thunderbolt is going to stay at the pace that it's at if do get a season 3 which it would behoove them to make one, they can't leave this story like this plus that have enough manga content to adapt it so it's only a matter of time.