Jul 10, 2017
Scotlette (All reviews)
Finally watched this movie after I lost the name a year ago and found it again last week. I got to know about it because it's a collaboration btwn a Chinese studio and the Korean studio that made Korra.

The art and animation is next level revolutionary. The character designs, flora and fauna, elements, music, voices and everything visual are like endless orgasm for your eyes. You can see the Korra and Ghibli influences in it. I loved it. BUT it was a real real pity - the entire film happened too fast, it was one tragedy to another in seconds, too many characters that seemed important but were never or sparingly expanded on or explained. The girl made her decisions too fast without a period for developing her feelings to a realistic intensity. A lot of things happened that were hard to understand, and they missed out the opportunity to present and explain the beautiful world and concept they created for the movie. It felt like they tried to cram too many emotional scenes in to the point they some of them didn't feel emotional anymore. Not to mention the two main characters probably died and revived 3 times throughout the movie.

Could have been a 10/10 film if not for the very bad presentation/execution. It was really the amazing art that saved it. I still recommend it cuz I think it's worth the watch for the art.