Jul 7, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English subbed but it was just numbers
art film/promotion

Normally people invite people to ordeals at least in the past by word of mouth or letters. Like for example with weddings. Here the artist is doing the same type of thing but presents the invitation in a more vivid form. Unfortunately, it lacked power as can be seen by the ending. When you are inviting someone to somewhere and it being done in movement form don't you want to make sure they know the 'w':who, what, where.... while you have their attention? This artist felt just a big sign at the end was enough. But this was after the 'amusement' had ended. If it were me i would have missed that information for i would have walked out thinking the movie was over.

-an interesting approach. The animation was a bunch of smaller ones blended into one. As the vivid countdown progressed so did each scene. For when has a certain event like a birthday bash it has stages like opening presents or eating carrot cake, yum!
-lacked in color.

sound effects were appropriate and did grab some attention.

Overall: if something requires attention it can help to be different.