Jul 7, 2017
Larashir (All reviews)
Alright so I saw there were no reviews for this one and I thought I'll give it a shot!
This is my first time writing a review so i hope it'll be helpful!

This manga surprised me. I was looking for a light reading and got completely absorbed into it.

The story - 8
There is very good drama thoughout the manga.
It starts like any average boy meets girl but takes a turn into why they can't be together (Hence the drama).

The girl's feelings developed a bit too fast in my opinion, but along with the conflict it made an interesting story.

The art - 9
Very nice art style and character design.

The characters- 6
Alright now that's where my disappointment began.
Many shoujos include very shallow characters and lean only on romance.
And although the plot was pretty interesting, the charcaters..ugh.

The main character was too fast to fall in love, goofy, a bit stupid and FALLING ALL THE TIME , what's with that?!

The main guy had a little more depth to him.

The second Haruka is actually very interesting and I wish the story would have said more about her, but she was mainly presented as "the villain" and the story didn't allow the reader any sympathy to her until maybe the end.

The main character's best friend- Now this is a good character.
Giving the not so nice to hear but proper advice.

Overall this is worth reading. It presents a conflict that makes you question wether to support the main character or not and it's easy to get into.