Jul 6, 2017
TeKSMeLater (All reviews)
One would expect that after GoHands' much more impressive adaptation of Seitokai Yakuindomo's second season, the OVA will be ready to blow everything out the water. Right? Right?


Whatever significant change the second season brought upon the franchise is immediately watered down by how lackluster and forgettable SYD* OVA is, not only in terms of story but also in its production values. It's pretty surprising as well to see it be ranked higher than the second season itself, as the OVA shows nothing that poses anything groundbreaking for the franchise, not that it had sort of ability to begin with.

So, aside from addressing immediately how inferior this OVA is in comparison to the second season's story, what are the good points that one can address from watching this?

Save for the fact that it remains a good mix of anime-original content and faithful reliance on the manga, the only notable change is with its minor change in the character design. It might not be noticeable, but the characters' eyes are slightly wider, and will probably its current art style for future installments, basing from the SYD Movie trailer. Most of the episodes exist just to please fans of the manga to see these jokes get animated, but I honestly can't see how a setup to a sex joke with just a different punchline will be more effective.

Animation took a small dip down, and gone are the CG indicators of Suzu's head or the over-the-top perspectives one might have seen from the second season's first episode. Although nothing remarkable, the OVA episodes seem to have settled in less motion mirroring that of the first season and its previous OVA. Animation was never a problem in SYD, but seeing it veer away from its predecessor's playful dynamics are kind of alienating.

In terms of characters, Tsuda and Tsuda's harem itself remain a static cast which exist to give the sex-joke-of-the-week. I don't have to say at this point which character made it more enjoyable to me, as the humor in this OVA is at an all-time low, even when compared to its first season. We have a few good Uomi moments here and there, and an introduction of Eiryou's Student Council Vice President and straight man, but nothing comes across as superior than anything SYD has provided thus far.

Again, if you hated SYD's first season from the beginning, you won't remain interested for its successors for long, yet I can't recommend this to fellow SYD followers either. The franchise is getting stale after 40 episodes of rinsing and repeating, and if the upcoming movie doesn't break this standard there's no saving this franchise from being a mediocre comedy.