Jul 5, 2017
Verrato (All reviews)
Well 07-Ghost is a good example that an anime needs a second season!!(and no i dont want to read the manga).
07-Ghost was adapted from a manga and is written by Amemiya Yuki(Story) and Ichihara Yukino(Art) and the adaptation of the anime was made from DEEN studio.
Story 8/10:The story is a bit slow especially at the start so give it some time and u wont be dissapointed and the one thing i found laking was the end and the "gaps" of the story it gave i was dissapointed because it gave so many questions that it needs a second season for sure so the "gaps" will close.
Art 8/10:It was made on 2009 its not old and also its not new its kinda on the center so i liked the art a lot its the art that i like and i dont have any problem about old anime also so the art was very good for my taste.The only think i didnt liked on the animation was the 3d models or cgi i am not sure,i talk about the wings from bones they were like a game graphics and i think it was bad.
Characters 9/10:I gave 9 to characters because of Zehel(Frau),Ayanami and Teito Klein his development was very good at the half of the anime this is were the anime was unfolding all the "good" stuffs and ofc i dont have to speak about Frau and Ayanami just see for yourself.
Enjoyment:As i said before at the start it was slow paced so it might be boring(it wasnt for me)but dont drop it and go till the end so u can be dissapointed about the end(the end it was good but it was so lacking and it gave so many gaps THAT IT REALLY NEEDS A 2nd SEASON)(sorry for the caps),if you pass that it was a really enjoyable anime.