Jul 3, 2017
AnimeFan48 (All reviews)
this review might be short cause of the fact its a ONA but yeah

Story: no real story to this that the 3 girls and some of the others go to a festival explore and get sacred and also watch some fireworks also at the end was kinda neat with tetso ends up talking to a invisible girl in the end which is kinda neat.

Art: art is basically as the anime so nothing new really the fireworks were cool though

Sound: OP and ED are the same from the anime so nothing new here otherwise sound was good

Characters: Hikari is the vampire of the show of course a demi-human shes basically the trouble maker and also the fun going girl (not just her lol) but shes really cool and nice aswell. Sakie is the succubus of the anime she is always nervous about guys just guys cause well shes a succubus so she tries not too not so off so much skin but also has feeling for Takahashi. Yuki is the snow woman of the anime in the beginning she is more distant about herself and what not but that is before Hikari confronts some bullies and stand up to her but that's also because Takahashi helped aswell. Kyouko is the dullahan of the anime also like Sakie she likes Takahashi aswell also she pretty joyfull and nice and charming nothing else really too say about her. Tetsuo is the bio teacher and the main male of the anime he is the one who teaches the demi's of there nature and what not a pretty cool dude where the if the girls need help hes always there to lend a hand. (just copied this from my review of the anime also they dont list the characters so was hard to find the mains and what not).

Enjoyment: this ONA was pretty funny also glad that the Op and Ed were still her i dont mind and the art is that bad at all.

Overall: ill give this a 7 no idea if this picks after the anime or if this is just a random episode but this ONA will give yeah a good few laugh