Jul 3, 2017
herine (All reviews)
My opinion is generally positive but I guess my enormous frustrations about the main character (Pacifica) won't be easily revoked. Review does include a slight spoiler to the nature of the ending, which I will mark with caps.

I enjoyed this anime more than I was hoping to. It was really decent and I have mostly positive attitude towards it. I was surprised reading that this seemingly fantasy anime had mecha in tags, but after few episodes I got to know why. It merges the genres surprisingly well. The pros would be:
- enjoyable characters (with one exception below)
- interesting storyline
- some amazing plot twists, which were actually unpredictable
- satisfying merging of science and magic
- nothing original from my part, but SHANNON.

the main con used to be:
- the pacing is weird. Sometimes I felt like looking blankly at the wall instead of focusing on the screen, which makes me feel after 16 episodes like I’ve already seen at least 23. Seriously, in the middle arc I was really sure we’re heading towards the end, and only then I looked at the number of episodes left. Something is wrong with the script; even if it’s going forward, it’s doing so very slowly, even though there is plenty of action involved. I might not be able to put it into words more accurately. It was certainly not boring though.

- with time, my biggest complain began to be the main character.
What I thought during the series was: Gosh, how ANNOYING one can be! At first, I thought her behaving as a spoiled child would set the base for her character development, but more than halfway into the story she... never really changed. I mean, she’s a good girl and very compassionate, but still so whiney and princessy (slapping a guy on the face just because he didn’t give her satisfactory compliment on her looks? REALLY?), and very dumb (she must be told multiple times about the nature about her situation and even though I understand she really didn’t know what to do at the time, she could at least try to behave more mature in face of the unknown situation). Maybe she indeed was supposed to represent the innocence put in the opposite of how people viewed her, but during the show she was just constantly getting on my nerves exactly the same as she was getting on the nerves of Senes. I just wanted to shut her up so many times. She is standing for her friends and family, even to the extend of letting her hand be cut, but I still think she has absolutely nothing to back her bravado back. She doesn’t even want to learn any basic survival skills or fighting techniques. The only thing she would do, was laundry and repeating all the time "I'm sorry that I'm alive". When I compare her to Yona, she is one spoiled annoying brat all the time. Of course, you don’t discuss the taste, but for me, she was one of the most annoying main characters ever and hands down the most annoying character in the series.

Now, the part below contains the aforementioned SPOILER TO THE ENDING. No names, no incidents, just a general idea.
After finishing the anime, I got the impression, that Pacifica was actually MADE to be very plain, a bit dumb and clueless about the world. She might have been made to stay like that to the very end, so that her natural feelings and instinct might serve as the finishing touch to this world’s destiny. It might be some kind of an interesting idea, but for a fictional storyline I don't really thing it's the best main character, if you ask me. I know, that in reality, lots of plain, uninteresting and dumb people are put in the irreplaceable position, like she was, but fictional characters should have some development and traits that make you actually feel that they’re special in something more than just their destiny. They are to teach viewers how to face the situation and how to grow from it. The only thing Pacifica actually accomplished was not running away crying – but still, I feel that she was the most spoiled and the most annoying main character I've seen, and I was often wondering why was she so adored by people she met on her way, because I wanted to kick some maturity in her ass in every single scene she appeared in.

So, my score for this anime would be much much higher, if only the main character wasn't pissing me off so much with every passing episode.