Jul 2, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English Subtitled

-Jobs, no matter the age we all have one. A kid who is not not a kid given a certain detail has to his job for the first time. While he staggers at first he ultimately become skilled. The reason for his success mostly lies with another. On and on the two battle. The two characters are like spy vs spy. A mix between both parties having luck.
- Plot introduction is flawed in-regards to plot. While they get straight to the point they forget about how they started. For example say i make a show and i start off with having the main character going for a job. He raps up his job by stating, "that is enough for today." Questions to that may be why was he jogging? Is he an excessive enthusiast for exercise? Was he trying to lose some pounds.

Bares a strong resemblance to the show dragon ball

no issues

Overall: Expect light humor, light plot and one sided point of view.