Jul 1, 2017
MisakiOji (All reviews)
I love this anime
I'm a mild depression just because a 30-minute movie anime :'(

This movie is actually an alternative to the ovanya can be said still recap from the OVA but there is little scene in the add

The story in the show is very simple
Where a guy who has a problem in the family is walking near the temple, when going to take shelter because this rain finds a robot android (Loli oughhh) that the exhaust because it is broken and this guy brought this android robot to his house, before the robot is in Bring home the guy the robot is brought in a special service place and of course this robot can not be recalculated, but the unexpected comes, this robot suddenly works on the next day and that's where they both live together.
Sorry I can not continue the story
If the story may not be exciting
Spoiler prohibited (Te-he)