Jun 30, 2017
Pipe (All reviews)
The good: You don't need to watch the first season to follow the story.

The bad: The anime started with a score of 8.74 and ended with a 7.10. If you watched the first season, you would feel a bit disappointed. Unlike the first season, this anime doesn't entertain because the story is weird and the pacing is average. For me, this anime is just an alternative story from the main series.

Danmachi Sword Oratoria centers the story in Aiz Wallenstein, the sword princess. Sadly, even if Aiz is the main character, there isn't too much information about her past just some sporadic scenes and the plot centers on her desire of getting stronger. During her adventure into the dungeons, she fought with a person that could know more about her past, and she decides to go into the lower dungeon levels to find the truth. The plot has pacing problems and lacks more information to keep us entertained.

While this anime follows the main idea of the Danmachi series, I feel that something is missing. Perhaps some characters aren't well developed and annoying to the point that we could get bored of them. The introduction of some characters is forced or useless, and there isn't enough time to develop their personalities fluently. Maybe the novel is different.

The art is standard. Honestly, I was expecting to be better than the first season, but I can say, it is the same.

About the songs, the OP is nice, and the ED is passable. The sound mix is good and focuses on the fights details.

Finally, nothing is concluded, and nothing about Aiz is told, so in other words, the story failed to deliver any reasonable conclusion, it ends abruptly. It was just a promotion for the novel, buy it to find the truth.

Maybe you will enjoy it more if you haven't watched the first season. If you are a fan of the first season, do not expect too much from this or you will get upset, it is just a spin-off.