Jun 30, 2017
B00mShr00m (All reviews)
I really loved the first season of demi-chan, unexpectedly more so than what most people seemed to have. So imagine my surprise when I heard (about an hour ago from the time of writing and submitting this) that they just made another episode.

I'm glad to say that the episode was a lot of fun. I wasn't expecting any serious character development or plot progression, instead I got exactly what I wanted. Lighthearted and silly demi-chan shenanigans. Instead of focusing on a particular character like most episodes of the initial season did, the screen time is mostly spread throughout most of the recurring characters of the show in a way that ties the ending of the episode with them together enjoying the summer festival.

There's not much to say since it's not particularly dense. I enjoyed it cause I love these characters, and find them interacting with each other (this time mostly in a non-school setting) pretty entertaining. If you remember enjoying the show as much as I did then give this a watch.