Jun 30, 2017
BlackCicero (All reviews)
Seikaisuru Kado is a tale of the meeting between humanity and a being from another universe and how events unfolded thereafter. I didn't expect this anime would have been as good as it was and at least for the first 75% of the series I thought the show was very consistent.
The way how the story was constructed along with its premise, allowed the show to have a great base from where the story could go in a multitude of directions. The direction the show eventually went wasn't one that I personally got a lot of satisfaction from but it was still to the point where overall the anime still felt enjoyable.
The art is a blend between 2D/3D and surprisingly I thought that it was handled extremely well. There wasn't many instances where I thought that the animation suffered because of the use of the 3D. Kudos to Toei Animation in that regard.
The soundtrack was phenomenal and I thought that it was able to enhance many moments from the show.
The characters were great although in the final moments of the series, the way certain characters were developed could have been different in my personal opinion. In the end certain elements of the show felt a bit rushed but it didn't detract too much from my overall feeling of the anime.
Seikaisuru Kado is a anime with an interesting premise and I thought that it did a very good job on delivering on that premise.