Jun 28, 2017
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sadclown (All reviews)
This piece of work has HIROAKI SAMURA stamped all over it. From the art, to the characters, to the's like BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL in a modern setting. Except it isn't by Hiroaki Samura......could have fooled me though!

Plot-wise, there isn't really one...there are *hints* of an overarching plot but it isn't developed. What there is, is just a rough setting and a bunch of characters with their own agendas--but again, these aren't fleshed out (enough.) The chapters aren't standalone either, but build on each other...but there wasn't anything to motivate me to keep on reading on except to know where all this was going...and I sort of knew, that at 2 short volumes, it probably wasn't going to go anywhere (and yes, it ended prematurely and without any good resolution.) Consequently, I struggled with the last few chapters and just skimmed through. The general feeling I got from this is that it was a little boring, a little confusing, but ultimately just a waste of time. Shame, because the potential is there for it it develop into something decent, if not good.

The art is the probably the best thing about this is a very good imitation of Samura's style (seriously, if I didn't know better, I would have thought Samura drew this) and since I love Samura's art, it goes without saying this would appeal to me points for originality though! On the flip-side, it also suffers from the same flaws that Samura has, namely that the characters' faces look too similar and it's difficult to tell some of them apart. The sketchy, rough style also makes some of the action panels hard to interpret (too many lines everywhere.) I hope, for his own sake, that this mangaka eventually develops his own style...the drawing style here is just TOO much of a clone of Hiroaki Samura's very distinctive and recognisable style.

Bottom-line: There's just not enough going here to justify the time spent to read it to its (inconclusive) conclusion.