Jun 27, 2017
Altrue (All reviews)
Jesus christ this was awful.

I usually am pretty happy to give high scores and derive a sincere enjoyment to even the most weird stories but this just went above and beyond to deliver the worst possible scenario and pacing I have ever seen.

Let's recap:

- We have a recap that takes half the movie, shows nothing of relevance, and is quite boring honestly.
- I have not read the LN and for the life of me couldn't understand half of what I saw, for a moment I was confused and thought that maybe there was a season 2 that I'd have missed or something, unbelievable. The story just jumps straight ahead 16 volumes from what I've heard, this is madness!
- But the ending... the ending just takes the cake. Interesting fight in progress... bit of story... then boom final ultimate attack and everything is over in an instant, 30 seconds of epilogue and roll the credits! You better not blink or you're gonna miss the ending, that's both hilarous and insulting.