Jun 27, 2017
bloodandcandies (All reviews)
This was a great and well made second season of SnK! Only 12 episodes, Of course we want more!

But it was 12 episodes of build up: build up mysteries, build up questions, build up tension!! Now that I am reading the manga I totally understand why they only did 12 episodes, it makes total sense!

Story: 10
A lot of things change, it's not just Eren and the rest of the soldiers fighting the titans and trying to restore the land they lost to them; now there's questions, doubts - what the hell are we actually fighting? - revelations, that are key to the plot and take a while to digest, specially Ymir, Bertholt, Reiner (seriously, Oscar of best actors EVER!) and Christa!
There is a lot of tension while building up these plots and the deaths on the first episodes are just terrifying and gruesome.

Art: 10
We all know how the Snk art works - I have to say that my favourite part was [SPOILER ALERT]

when A**** turned to B******* and told them that A**** was being tortured in the inner walls, and that they were running away, abandoning a friend a companion. It was all bluffing ofc, but dude, that face... that face while saying it!!!

One thing I've noticed, now that I am reading the manga, is that, that from the manga to the anime, the art is even more intense; specially because in the manga you can see about 4 panels on a page so the transition is fast - in the anime there is those micro seconds before THE THING! and that's brilliant & amazing!

Sound: 8
Before the anime was released I was like "please make a good opening; don't do it like they did with Tokyo Ghoul..." SASAGEYO, SASAGEYO, SHINZOU WO SASAGEYO! duuuuuuude that was good! I know it's kinda recycled music or just the continuation of Jyuu no Tsubasa, but it fits perfectly, I don't feel betrayed like I felt on Tokyo Ghoul (seriously that second season op was really shitty!).
The ending - so many questions, such beautiful song!

Characters: 9
So much development - this was the season where we get some truths, but all those beg questions and bring doubts.
We get to know a little more about side characters like Sasha and Connie, and my particular favourite was Ymir!

Enjoyment: 9
Just an advice: watching this week by week is so much better!!

Overall: 9
It's really good!