Jun 27, 2017
itssimplyme (All reviews)
I thank whatever superior entities exist in this universe for bestowing upon me the good luck of stumbling upon "Take my Brother Away".
My score: 9/10
What it deserves: 7/10

Why the high score?

This is a very short series, each episode lasting 3 minutes. Altogether, this comes to a slightly longer regular episode length. So one can think of it as an OVA.

It is so rare these days to find a show based on siblings without there being any semblance of some sort of romantic interest in one another. In other words, siblings being SIBLINGS. It was extremely refreshing.

The characters themselves each have their innate personalities, which show up time and again, but not without exceptions, where any change makes perfect sense. Having siblings myself, the dynamics between the two I find quite accurate XD.

The art is simple, yet quaint, and entirely endearing. In fact, this was a huge factor into why I enjoyed it so much. Added with wonderful voice talents (Yuuichi Nakamura, Sora Amamiya, god bless you both for your performances T^T) and up beat OST (Brian the Sun!!), the entire show came together beautifully.

I cannot stress enough: if you're in need of comedy, simple slice of life store development and siblings acting like siblings, watch. This.
Thank you