Jun 25, 2017
itavin (All reviews)
Wow, again, we seem to have people who love a manga about crazy people in a school with a dumb premise. This must be one of the worst trends ever, the trend of having a special school which makes people insane and exploring their psychology. Oh, and by Psychology, I mean seeing them be crazy. So why is this Bad?

THE PREMISE IS THE WORST- A school built on ILLEGAL acts, aka gambling, which has people who are rich betting MILLIONS of yen to build a social class that only lasts for about, like 3 years? Except the money and SLAVERY which continues outside of school. Sure, the world wont go insane and shut down the school, and the politicians and media (SOME OF THEIR KIDS GO THEIR!!) wont jump and say anything on the school which the MC says has been rumored, aka people know it exists. this premise is broken just because no one with 3 brain cells will ever let this school exists, let alone lend millions of yen, or even entire companies to their high school kids. I thought Caste Heaven had a dumb school, but at least it makes some sense why the school is built in its way or HAS TEACHERS.

TWO DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS FTW!!!- Good god are the characters bland. They have two modes (some at least, others only get the first one): 'Insert a type of personality here' and crazy. Our MC also gets a third one-sadism. The manga cant be taken seriously because it doesn't show how the school effects the people there, because they are always in cray cray mode. Except blonde pigtails who, even with her minimal development (that is just a privilege here) she still has these two modes. At times characters may have panic attacks but that's not development, that's just nothing.

ITS ABOUT...?- There is no theme to this story. Well, it may be a "commentary" of the human condition and the sin of pride and greed, but with such deep, complex and grounded characters, this message makes as much sense as chocolate in clam chowder. Caste heaven had a theme. This has nothing

EDGY- good lord is this edgy. If they didn't have pools of blood I would have thought this was by the guy who wrote Mirai Nikki or any other over the top horror. Sure the art is detailed, but it only makes the characters look more crazy, instead of giving nuance to their body language, everyone is just CRAZY FACE MODE ALL THE TIME.

In conclusion, it didn't offend me like Caste Heaven, but its way dumber and worse then that manga. Everything here has been done better elsewhere. After all, why read a complex story instead of pretending to read a story that is complex. Lets say its deep and imaginative compared to other manga and lets make it so good manga and anime with a complex story, characters and ideas, with real heart and passion be thrown away so we can see crazy girls gamble. Because that's the state of this art form.