Jun 25, 2017
Whoahoho (All reviews)
Ok, so another incest themed anime has just ended, so what gives about my thought about this 12 episode anime? Here's my ratings:

Mediocre 5, Story:

The story was pretty much a spin off of Oreimo, considering that they both have one creator, Tsukasa Fushimi and one original illustrator, Hiro Kanzaki, in all aspects the anime's creator as usual rely on the usual incest kind of relationship, where the guy goes for his sister in a sort of way, but doesn't make any attempts to go for the others girls, wouldn't be surprise that for Tsukasa Fushimi's next piece would still be in this kind of genre or nearly.

Mediocre 5, Art:

Well there is nothing much for me to say around here, since illustrator Hiro Kanzaki can't seem to go for the ecchi all the way, in fact the only panchira we see was in ep 11 with Sagiri, but it wasn't much since she's in a swim suit.

Good 7, sound:

Ok, I really love the inflection of the seiyuu who did Sagiri's voice, and so as the seiyuu who did Yamada Elf's voice, they have the right intonation and enunciation with their emotional responses, but I really hate that Masamune's seiyuu sounded like a 30 year old than a young man, in fact his voice would have been better off being done by Kaji Yuki, since he still maintains that boyish tone.

Fair 6, Character:

I basically have some mixed emotions about the character personalities, around here, cu'z of the fact that the main characters themselves were pretty much a complicated double standard , Like Masamune, whom we can't tell if he has some siscon with Sagiri or just being a caring brother, the point is that he takes care of Sagiri as if he is spoiler her like a queen and yet he makes no attempts to get him out of the outside if he is encouraging that Sagiri stay's that way, also he keeps denying that he has no say the least, but he also makes no attempts, to get into a relationship neither with Elf or with Muramasa for that matter. Now Sagiri is also a complicated character at one point she disses her brother for thinking that he has some lewd thoughts about her, but she seems to like it anyways, also how the two came to be as step siblings was not disclose, we can't tell if both parents of both parties were still living or is only one of them still around. Now about the other girls like Elf, Muramasa, Megumi and Tomoe, they were pretty straight forward and I like that, but, alas, we probably would never see any relationship develop outside of Masamune X Sagiri arc.

Fair 6, Enjoyment:

IMAO, they should have just ended at episode 11, since the 12 episode was a bummer, the only consolation was seeing Elf and Muramasa in their bikini bodies.

Poor 3, Overall:

It does have a funny side to say the least, but it still was a bit annoying when them Aniplex guys can't seem to go much with the fanservices , so at one point you may laugh , but it get's dampen with the last episode, so I hope they don't think about making another season.