Jun 24, 2017
LegendAqua (All reviews)
Granblue Fantasy: The Animation is what happens when Final Fantasy has a good adaptation of it's source material.

LA was a massive Final Fantasy fan at the time, playing FFX constantly to going back further and playing FFI, FFII, FFVI, FFVIII, FFIX more recently and adoring FFXII thus it was no surprise that LA would take a liking to Granblue Fantasy: The Animation what with it's many plot beats coming from Final Fantasy yet being it's own thing with it's own world to explore just with the lens of Gran voiced by Yuuki Ono. LA does say this as many of the early plot beats to elements has similarities to Final Fantasy, such as a mysterious girl with some power that the empire wants can be contributed to Terra from FFVI, the world of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation is similar to FFXII in this regard due to the sky islands and skyfarers (to heck even an airship the main cast travels in) and all this in mind LA did still enjoy Granblue Fantasy: The Animation because of it.

LA would like to get some of the bad points about Granblue Fantasy: The Animation out of the way first and the most obvious one is that at times Granblue Fantasy: The Animation breaks the immersion your in their world by having quest-givers like Sierokarte voiced by Emiri Katou blatantly giving the main cast something to do and she's essentially your shop keep, quest giver and is ALWAYS near a town, it's not a completely bad thing to have Sierokarte as it's paying homage to the game's plot, LA just wished she could have been a bit more subtle. The next obvious problem is that Granblue Fantasy: The Animation's villain roster of Pommern and Furias are just stock bad guy material with nothing about them giving us any kind of sympathy for them. They're essentially Kefka without the motivation, just destroy because "we're evil", there ARE some legitimately good villains in Granblue Fantasy: The Animation but the majority of the screentime goes to Pommern which quite honestly sucks.

Granblue Fantasy: The Animation's sense of adventure is prevalent in this anime and even though Granblue Fantasy: The Animation is pretty much taking cues from it's source material (it's mobile browser game) it does it in a way that actually allows the characters to be their own characters and develops the world alongside the characters and the places they visit making this anime an easy shoe-in for GOOD video game to anime adaptations LA has seen in quite a while.

The plot of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation follows Gran...or Djeeta who wants to travel the world and find his long lost father somewhere outside of his sky island continent, however when the Empire strikes his/her hometown, he comes across Kataline Alize voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro and a mysterious blue haired girl by the name of Lyria voiced by Nao Touyama and from there, their adventure begins by trying to find Gran's father and both fleeing and confronting the Evil Empire as to why they want Lyria and who Lyria really is. Yes it's cliched classic adventure story but again for having likings to Final Fantasy alot and the fact the characters are enjoyable to watch individually as well as a group dynamic allows this anime's plot to be more than just cliched and harkens back to the classic JRPG era just in anime form.

As for characters, like a classic JRPG, Gran's motley crew does expand as they continue on their travels and meet new people, such staples becomes Rackam voiced by Hiroaki Hirata the pilot of their airship, Io voiced by Yukari Tamura, the mage of the group and local tsundere to Rackam, Vyrn voiced by Rie Kugimiya, the mascot of the game and anime and Gran's best friend as well as the aforementioned Katalina and Lyria but later on their cast grows exponentially after the Leviathan incident. Ohh yeah did LA forget theirs summons in this anime because there's summons in this anime and the classic Square Enix ones like Bahamut, Tiamat, the aforementioned Leviathan and Colossus (which might as well be a Steel Titan). LA's favourite character in Granblue Fantasy: The Animation easily goes to Lyria due to her importance to the plot and the fact that Nao Touyama voiced LA is serious that's the reasons why.

In terms of animation by A1-Pictures, LA REALLY loved the art style of this anime outright from it's watercolored yet pastel sketchbook style of it all that also blends to it's character designs in with Toshifumi Akai of Kokoro Connect character designs to make this one of the more strikely different art styles of Spring 2017 and it again being similar to the mobile game's art style helps and LA just loves it. The battle scenes also gets a huge boost to this animation style as well, making the battles especially the summons and their "attacks" gorgeously destructive to watch. If your in it for the animation then Granblue Fantasy: The Animation doesn't hold back.

In terms of voice acting, the voice acting is decent overall with stellar voice cast as Miyuki Sawashiro as Katalina and Nao Touyama as Lyria, Rie Tanaka as Rosetta to HECK even Yukari Tamura as Io, this voice cast roster is just amazing! If LA had to choose who is LA's favourite voice actor it would go to Miyuki Sawashiro as Katalina wasn't only a badass but just as a character alone made Miyuki Sawashiro's performance all the more better for her, next to that goes to Nao Touyama as Lyria and LA being a Nao Touyama fanboy it was inevitable she would get first or second billing in LA's eyes.

Considering LA did play a bit of the mobile browser game due to the anime coming out and caught LA's curiosity, LA does approve of the pacing the anime did with it allowing both the characters and it's world to flourish together and making the fantasy and adventure aspects all the more prominent in the process. The ONE surprise LA wasn't expecting was that in the final episode that Gran would be replaced with Djeeta (the female avatar of the game and as if Djeeta did the same thing that Gran went through in a weird alternative reality) and the fact that she like Gran is similar but with less shits to give when it came to the Empire and Djeeta herself having her own personality and "even the girls loves her" scthick to her, the final episode was a good send up to a mobile browser game that essentially will never end so ending in the fanservice "beach" episode was a nice way to end the series instead of saying "play the game". Anyways off tangent but nonetheless the final homage to the game is the gacha systeming of getting new crew members and although it's vaguely shown to us, the additional cast members of the game does appear in a cameo during the Leviathan incident as well as the final episode. Really what LA is surmounting is that even the little detail to an anime adaptation goes a long way and Granblue Fantasy: The Animation did it in great execution without being overly bloated in it's dialogue of this or that is in the game *nudge nudge*

Granblue Fantasy: The Animation is definitely an anime adaptation of a mobile browser game that does it's source material proud and although there are a few problems LA stll enjoyed watching Granblue Fantasy: The Animation from beginning to end. Granblue Fantasy: The Animation did it's job well for a video game to anime adaptation in which LA actually wants to go back and play the game and seriously, if a video game to anime adaptation does even THIS correctly, it's a great anime adaptation in LA's books.