Jun 24, 2017
TakaTempest (All reviews)
After watching Eromanga Sensei my eyes have opened of how most modern anime from 2015+ have been dumbed down in terms of story and characters.
We have been recently getting a lot of shows that either decent or downright bad that have no real impact on the anime industry.
Sure we got some great and memorable shows such as 3 Gatsu no Lion Assassination Classroom, Shokugeki no Souma, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju and Little Witch Academia (TV) but at the same time, we had to deal with mediocre to awful shows like Charlotte, Gangsta, Berserk 2016/2017, Scum's Wish etc.
Now do I think for Eromanga Sensei. Is it a modern masterpiece or it's a train-wreck that represents everything wrong with modern anime?

Spoiler alert this show is a dumpster fire that shouldn't seen the light of day.

The story of Eromanga Sensei is very similar to Bakuman as it follows a guy named Masamune who is a light novel author in high school. Masamune has a sister named Sagirl. A hikikomori girl who hasn't left her room for an entire year. Sagirl forces her brother to bring meals for her as well as washing her clothes. Masamune's novel illustrator, Eromanga likes to draw extremely perverted drawings who is very reliable.
It's later revealed that Eromanga-Sensei is actually his younger sister. Now Masasume must bond with her sister so she can get out of her room as well as making a novel together.

Now imagine Bakuman but with a poorly written story, cringe-worthy characters and Oreimo 2 dialogue and you got yourself Eromanga Sensei. A shit show filled with creepy incest with no substance whatsoever.
As much I hate to admit it Oreimo Season 1 has some good theme exploration and social topics such as okatu cloture, hiding hobbies that you love from other people due to bad reputation from society and bonding with your family member.
Eromanga Sensei has no themes, no artistic value, no message and no point other to be another shitty okatu pandering show with no soul whatsoever.

This is actual dialogue...
The writing in the show is downright abysmal that is filled with cringe-worthy and awkward the dialogue that insults the viewer's intelligence in many ways.
One example of this horrific dialogue is in episode 5 where Elf asks Sagirl to make an illustrator of her if she shows her panties on a webcam where it can be possibly be tracked down by police. Instead of saying no and leaving the video chat like a normal person with a brain she shows her panties on the webcam.
That scene gets followed up with horrendous jail-bait dialogue...
Who the hell wrote this shit seriously!?!?
Overall the story is utter shit and it features some of the worst writing I have ever seen in any anime.

The chararters in Eromanga Sensei aren't chararters
They are just a bunch cringe-worthy archetypes who have no character development and have no unique personally whatsoever.

Sagiri is just your bottom of the barrel siscon/lolion character who does cute things as well as being a shitty tsundere who refuses to leave her room and does weird shit.
Masamune or generic main protagonist #883 who has a creepy obsession with his sister. People may despise Kyouske for being a retarded siscon freak in Oreimo 2 along with that horrific Oreimo 2 special. Masamune, on the other hand, is on another level. When he's not screaming like a marron he's always ranting how beautiful his 13-year-old sister. "Am not even joking when I say that"
The rest of the characters such as Elf Megumi and Muramasa are complete garbage and they are not even mentioning at all. They just exist for cringe-worthy dialogue and meme-service for the Meme community for many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.
Hell one of the female supporting characters in this show has dialogue that was written by a horny 12-year-old.
There is a girl in the anime where almost all of her dialogue is base around loving peoples dicks.
Am not even joking when I say that. That's literally her fucking character trait in this fucking show.
Overall the characters are downright awful with no redeeming values whatsoever.

Visually Eromanga Sensei looks nice.
The characters designs are good for what they are as you expect from a moe show, alright background scene recently and the overall animation is fairly standard. However, there is one thing about Eromanga Sensei that I utterly hate that literally destroys everything.

It's the camera positioning as well as the camera angles.
The camerawork and the overall camera direction is just fucking horrendous.
Eromanga Sensei has a lot of unnecessary camera placement for fan-service that is both creepy and stupid. It makes the viewer feel uncomfortable as the anime like to show likes to show a freaking 13-year-old doing sexual things.

There are so much unnecessary camera shots that honestly makes the viewer sick and uncomfortable.

Some of the pointless shots include.
A close-up ass shot of Elf naked playing the piano. (Episode 3)
An extreme close-up shot of Megumi panties where the label itself even had Japanese text (Episode 6)
A panty shot of Sagirl from the first 8 seconds of Episode 11. (Am not even fucking joking)
A close-up shot of Sagirl legs in a compromising position. (Episode 11)
A close-up shot of Sagirl getting changed from her jumpers for 20 seconds in episode 5.
There are still more pointless shots that I missed but I decided to mention these ones as they offended me because not only shot like these wasted time but they also made feel disgusted when every time these shots appear in an episode.
Hell, the show at times doesn't know how to use The Rule Of Thirds correctly.

In short, the visuals are decent but it gets ruined by awful camera positioning filled with underage girls and pointless fan-service.

The soundtrack for Eromanga Sensei is generic.
The opening and ending themes are cute and quite catchy for what they are but they are nothing special.
Voice acting is standard as you expect. what more needs to be said really.
In short, the soundtrack, the opening/ending themes, and voice acting is pretty average.


Final Thoughts.
Eromanga Sensei is an insult in every sense of the word.
it's an insult to anime fans.
it's an insult to Japanese Illustrators.
It's an insult to women and its an insult to siblings who are portrayed in this anime as nothing but stalkers and idiots who do incest stuff on screen for no reason.

The story is utter shit that is filled with some of the worst writing and dialogue I have ever seen in any anime. The characters are horrendous archetypes who are annoying and very poorly written from start to finish.
The visuals are average that ruined by horrific camera angles and camera work that has no point other than to show underage girls in sexual positions and the soundtrack is generic.
I don't recommend this show to anyone whatsoever and you're better off watching Bakuman or go watch Oreimo Season 1 instead of this pile of waste.
This show represents everything wrong with modern anime and because and I will forever loathe this show with a burning passion.
This show is nothing but jailbait material.
If you liked or enjoyed Eromanga Sensei then good for you but for me, screw this shit!!!
If I have to see Sagirl in a compromising position again am really going to lose it.

Final Score 1.5/10