Jun 24, 2017
SmoothJazzDavis (All reviews)
There is some spoilers into this, there is also me telling you that watching this is not worth any of your time.

Ergo Proxy is one of these promising series that your friends tell you to watch and declare as "masterpiece."

It was one of the series i expected to love the most, i thought it was going to be consistently good, and the first episode kinda told me that my friends were right, it had a lot of potential to it, it was promising, it had a touch of atmospheric space that got you into it, but what made this series so appealing in the first episode fastly changed for some The Room Avant-Garde crap. I mean, i compare The Room to this, but i can give the credits to Wiseau atleast, for even trying.

Trying to immerse yourself into a toilet world where babies shit frootloops and babies give birth to adults, is more easy than to immerse yourself into that piece of crap that is Ergo Proxy.

Story - 2 First episode had structure, but it threw it fast away to try to be experimental, but you don't get experimental much with the biggest clichés in mystery storytelling. Ergo Proxy makes you fall gradually into an abyss of boredom. Episode 16 is probably the most boring and monotonous episode i have ever seen in an anime. Period. Episode 4 and 5 were a boring redneck vibes, monotonous piece of audio visuals that made you think more about what you're doing with your life than the child who just got killed, at this episode 4 i knew i f*cked up. Forever after come with what has already been done in the past, but way less ambitious and just... hahh.

Art - 4 Ergo Proxy succeeded in being interesting until episode 3, where you could clearly see that the structure was collapsing, and that the universe stopped being rigid, complete, real, unique to itself. It just became some trashy decor you'll see in an amateur movie with no skills for backgrounds whatsoever. The background, the environment was lacking in realism, it was lacking in everything it had no wish to make you immerse into it. It made you feel like they were trying something, while trying nothing at all. The visuals in it kept degrading like everything else.

Sound - 5 Sound was okay, sometimes it went off from what was happening on the screen, but i mean, this came out in 2006, and you can't expect the sound to save your background, your script, storytelling, you can't. Sound was probably the best thing about this show, it was mediocre but way better than the show itself, i would have listened to an album of the OSTs of Ergo Proxy instead of the show itself, if only i knew back then.

Character - 1 Characteristically speaking, Ergo Proxy had nothing to offer, neither Re-l or Vince had any depth, substance, or any characteric traits that made them interesting in the first place, nahh, it was the contrary, they never helped to try to keep that show alive and interesting, they were one of the core of why Ergo Proxy was painful to watch. Re-L could only complain and cute cute fanservice while being a complete dumbster while Vince was one of the most shallow and dense character in anime history.

Enjoyment - 1 Kill me, kill me please, it's probably what i was feeling deep inside. Why i am watching this while i could just rewatch Tokyo Ghoul first season, which is way more well executed and thoughtful than this thing, which is just edgy in the irritating sense. Edgy to be edgy. It tells you a lot when you remember something for how bad it was.

Overall - 4 This thing clearly has Velvet Underground and Lou Reed vibes to it, poor Lou Reed, i hope he is not associated with this, because it would only
be a shame to link a legend with this stuff that was so bland and empty,
it was just like watching nothing at all. It would just be an utter insult to Lou and his works. This show is a 4, first three episodes were watcheable, after it's just a downfall in a pool of garbage crap that never ceased to smell. I really wished i could get back the time i spent on it,
but it's too late, unfortunately.