Jun 23, 2017
This is Strike the Blood, and we know how STB works before. I just want to tell you why we need to watch this OVA. Maybe someone dissapointed with first OVA, so I can tell you what this OVA did to me.

There are many cute, beautiful, and hot girls there.
Ok, I can tell this is one of the best harem anime. but.
- Added 2 heroine per arc -
I thought it was too much. Although STB always did this.

I like the OST, but I can't tell the video was good. It just an ordinary video with some cut scene from the TV series.
I prefer TV series OP video probably. Because it's really good before (especially OP1).

THE STRONGEST POINT!!! (Spoiler Alert!!)

1. If you want to know about latest Kaleid Blood (Avrora) you can watch this one.
but as expected, Avrora also a cute high school girls (><)

2. Akatsuki Family have a father? Yes, get ready pals!!
I just can tell, like father like son.

3. When Asagi know if Kojou is a 4th primogenitor? Yeah, who knows. But it really really happen here!!!
Actually I'm waiting for this one from a long time ago.

4. Sorry for all of the lolicons in this world. Natsuki-sensei real body was so hot! Different with her daily looks.

Thanks for reading this unusual review, actually this review maybe not good. but I try to not made a fatal spoiler for readers.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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