Jun 22, 2017
AhmedFisherman (All reviews)
Whaaaat? Are you telling me that Saekano has now an actual plot and that it's not just your average ecchi harem comedy anymore?
Yeah, you've read it right, the secon season of Saekano was a good surprise, the first episodes continued where the first season left and as it continued the characters have shown some development, especially the girls. Even Katou abandoned her flat self for some time, and this is huge.
This season is way better than the first one. Yeah, there are still those ecchi shoots and there's still lots of fanservice, but the story has its important role now. The last episodes really gave a good twist to this series and I'm glad for that.
The art and sound are still ok, as in the first season.
The end was baffling though, but I'll be really looking forward to watching a third season.

One last thing: Katou best girl.