Jun 20, 2017
wolfwing (All reviews)
I enjoyed this series, it was different for me, especially how the magick worked, the spells and how they work, the theory craft behind them was creative, I just couldn't help but find myself enjoying how this worked.

Story, it's fairly decent, your usual laid back lazy teacher that is stronger then first appears teaches kids about magick, but what worked for me was that while it was a bit basic in that, the characters were interesting to watch each being unique, and most of the situations were creative I felt till near the end, but didn't ruin it.

Art, like I mentioned how the magick works is nice, a but reminiscent of doctor strange, but in a good way, very flash spells with good use of everything else.

Sound, never sure how to score this as not fully sure what counts, but I had no issue with it.

Characters, you have a few generic chars at the start, but over time you learn about them and feel to me like they have more depth then you might expect.

Enjoyment, "I did enjoy the series, nothing overly problematic least for me.

Overall, I enjoyed it and suggest a watch if your looking for this kind of anime. Feel free to PM me if you can think of better anime's to watch.