Jun 20, 2017
HaXXspetten (All reviews)
Rokudenashi is an unfortunate case of "what could have been".

I'll try to keep this relatively concise and straight-to-the-point: Rokudenashi had the potential to be a modern version of Great Teacher Onizuka. While it has an overused magic academy premise, unlike most battle harems, the protagonist here is actually the teacher of one of its classes, and he is also a huge troll. Just like Onizuka, Glenn Radars is largely incompetent at normal teacher duties, preferring to let his students have self-study sessions all the time instead of having to put any effort in. However, he also has a lot of talent in other areas, especially concerning unorthodox magic usage. What Glenn lacks inside the classroom he makes up outside of it, and his trollish interactions with his students is the main selling point of the anime.

As a result, the first episode or two of Rokudenashi are very funny and entertaining, and show a lot of promise for the show as a whole. But unfortunately, from there on out it slowly starts to decline. Starting in episode three, the anime starts introducing actual outside villains and a much more serious story starts taking over as the main focus of the show instead of the previously light-hearted comedy theme. And sadly this is a big loss, because the majority of the show ended up becoming a rather generic action/fantasy light novel adaptation mixed with some drama as a result, featuring a somewhat overpowered MC and his sidekick heroines fighting a bunch of cheap bad guys with some rather uninteresting ulterior motives. In other words, the kind of anime you've seen dozens of times over already. It's not terrible but it's just extremely average when it's doing this, and considering how promising the show seemed to be at first, it feels like such a huge waste of potential. Sure, the magic system in this universe is pretty interesting and well-designed, but that doesn't actually end up amounting for much when the overall plot itself is so uninspiring.

The one thing that is still pretty good about Rokudenashi in the end though is the character cast. As mentioned already, Glenn is a pretty huge troll on top of being a good magic duelist, and overall he is a pretty likable protagonist, especially by harem MC standards. And yes I do think Rokudenashi should be called a harem even if it isn't currently labeled as one on MAL; while there aren't any public romantic themes, the vast majority of the supporting cast is female and it's pretty clear that most of them are very attached to Glenn. This is especially clear in the case of Fibel Sistine, who I guess would have to be considered the main heroine if you have to pick one, and who is also a skilled and clever magician, albeit a bit naïve and dishonest at times, and she's also extremely pretty if you ask me. Her verbal arguments with Glenn are always a treat to watch.

Overall, Rokudenashi is still a pretty decent anime with generally likable characters and good chemistry in-between them, but it's also unfortunately dragged down quite a bit by its bland and generic storyline. It's hard to not be bothered by the feeling that it could have been so much better still had it just gone down a different direction plot-wise. But compared to most magic academy battle harems out there, this is still probably one of the better ones all things considered, even though I doubt I'd go out of my way to actively recommend it to people in the future. Though if you don't care too much about the story and you just want to see a fun and intelligent protagonist goofing around with a bunch of cute and likable girls then you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

Oh and by the way, Rokudenashi probably has the best female school uniforms I've ever seen in anime. Say what you want about the show itself, but hot damn those exposed bellies, miniskirts and garter belts are sexy as hell. A+ clothing design; top tier fanservice at its finest.