Jun 19, 2017
WarmOwl (All reviews)
When a series has one of the hypest openings ever, directed by Bahi JD and worked on by legendary animators like Mitsuo Iso and all new webgens, then that opening delivers with some funky tunes and godly animation?

What could go wrong?

Oh you know they just showed off a load of Sakuga in the opening had an alright set up, dragged the filler before the actual plot out for a bit too long and then have all the attention focused around plane asf characters.
If only they had stopped there though, no they go ahead and make their roided up version of robot wars completely in CG.

So yeah I think I'm done here, maybe it was my own hype because of I love the opening director and animators so damn much. I was expecting a lot more from this, I think I'll just go watch robot wars instead.
Completely average and a let down is all I can say about it.