Jun 19, 2017
crazysaofan (All reviews)
--------------------------REVIEW CAN CONTAIN SPOILERS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SAO is something out of this world because how truly special it is. It is an underrated masterpiece that we wanted but aren't deserved.
Today, I will show you how SAO is the best and the smartest anime of all time:


This is the most complex, though-provoking story I ever seen. The story is all about people get trapped in the virtual death game. In the first glance, you will think that the plot is very simple. But it isn't. The plot also compare between the virtual world and the real world. It also add a lot of social commentaries and delves into the sociological issues of living in virtual world. In this anime you will see how Kirito from an anti-social protagonist in real life became an admiring person and have a lot of friends. How a normal gamer became a hero that can save his girlfriend and other people thanks to virtual world. Beside that, you will also see exactly this virtual world also cause him and a lot of other people a lot of trauma and sadness. This show how deep and beautiful the story is.


- Kirito is the most realistic and likeable MC I've ever seen. He has a lot of development from an anti-social gamer who play virtual game to escape real life to a man, a hero and a trustworthiness friend. Kirito is also a multi-dimensional character who sometimes feel helpless that he can't save his important people and he needs courage to continue to fight for the future.

- Asuna: a totally badass and beautiful girl who is Kirito's soulmate and also his faithful companion.

- Kirito and Asuna relationship is the best thing of this anime. This show how in a tragic world that can form such a beautiful, heartwarming relationship. How in a cruel world that can form such a strong and true love.

- Side characters: all of them play important parts to prove sociology and psychology part of the story. For example: Yui proved how AI technology will develop to the point when AI can express emotion and thought, will we treat them the same as real people or we treat them like a lifeless object. Silica's episode proved that in virtual world strength, power are all fake, but the respect to friendship, and being caring, helpful to other people is what matter. Liz's episode proved that we can feel the warm in our heart even in the world run by electric signals and numbers...

- Art, Animation=10

The art and animation are undoubtedly amazing. The art style made the most beautiful sceneries I've ever seen in any anime. The fighting scenes also have amazing cinematography by underrated genius director Tomohiko Itou.

- Music=10

The music is truly majestic, being composed by Yuki Kajiura (aka the queen of anime soundtrack)

- VA=10

Voice actors are absolutely phenomenon. I loved Matsuoka-san's energetic voice and Tomatsu-san's sweet voice.

There are so much thing that I want to write more but because of my bad English, I need to end here.

I am sorry if there is any grammar error. xD