Jun 19, 2017
Pootpoot (All reviews)
Alright,my first review and or therapeutic anger removal plan,what should i do first,why ARC-V of course,the anime that really didn't grab my attention due to how childishly boring it looked,but went and took a light Zexal II phase that made my attention span go "Ooh,that's nice, watch it!".

And oh boy was that mistake I ever regretted.

(Keep in mind that i will be spoiling very much of the story here,so,you are free to scroll really fast through this story section,and jump right into the other sections I'll put so you can learn more about ARC-V,and not about the story.)

Le Story Section.

The story is arguably the worst out of ALL the Yu-gi-oh series',even being worse than TDSOD (that's The Dark Side of Dimensions,for those who don't get it).How bad do you ask? It's bad enough that I gave it a ONE!! O N E!

But before I cover my spirit in anger,let's take a look on why it's bad.
As i said,I will spoil the story before the events of ARC-V,which are explained in the final arc (heh,get it,arc?) of the series,so this is the final warning for you to avoid it.

The story,or at least what starts the story,starts with the man named Z-ARC (HAH,I GET IT) who's an Entertainer Duelist (kinda like a gladiator in the roman times) in the Original Dimension (we'll call it OG dimension,because we all about that hood bruv Xd Xd *insert shit laughing emoji*) who's a top duelist in the newly made ARC system (no,I did it one time,and a second one,not a third one),which is basically an advanced version of Augmented Reality from Zexal. Z-ARC claims that he can speak with the monsters in his deck,specifically,his 4 dragons,Odd-Eyes,Dark Rebellion,Clear Wing,and Starve Venom Dragon. After he accidentally injured a duelist,he was shocked and horrified,but fuck it,the audience liked it,so he kept doing them.So his personality changed to be a more violent one,to make the audience cheer,and that way, he became World Champion,but it was unsatisfying for him. SO HE JUST DECIDED TO DESTROY EVERYTHING AND THEN UNITE WITH HIS 4 DRAGONS WITH THE HELP OF A CARD CALLED ASTROGRAPH SORCERER TO MAKE HIMSELF MORE POWER,BECAUSE FUCK ME IF IT'S NOT A GOOD KIND OF VILLAIN,IT'S A POWER HUNGRY SHIT VILLAIN!! Military (oh hey someone finally had the rationality to use military to stop a world-ending threat,finally) proved useless against Z-ARC,duelists,being of the same thread (Looks like someone wasn't using Tier 0 decks...).But,Akaba Ray stepped in,and used 4 specific cards,to counter Z-ARC and his deck,killing him,and making him vow revenge against her.Shitty Deus-Ex Machina aside,it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows,because the OG Dimension got separated to 4 dimensions,being the counterparts of the 4 extra deck mechanic in Yu-Gi-Oh,(not counting the Links,because fuck Links),Fusion,Xyz,Synchro,and the undiscovered Pendulum,with the same case being for Zarc and Ray.
Anyyyyyyways,after 15 years passed and a boy named Yuuya Sakaki with his ace monster being Odd-Eyes Dragon,discovers Pendulum Summoning,which wins him the match and the tournament,apparently.After that,Akaba Reiji takes interest in Yuuya and Blah blah blah the story is so uninteresting and boring at this part I'd rather skip it to the interesting parts,plus i already spite the story enough,i don't wanna talk about it more,see it for yourself,you'd only find the Synchro arc interesting,because that's the only good thing the guy who created ARC-V's story is good at,that and making badass looking dragons (yes,I'm talking about the 5D's story director man.).

The Art section of this series,is...meh in my honest opinion. It's okay I guess,for being an art style that's been consistent for years,nothing new,nothing interesting. HOWEVER,the CGI truly outshines the most here, I don't know why the final episodes didn't even wanted to use CGI on some characters' final boss monsters (looking at you,Gogenzaka,Reiji,and Shun),perhaps insufficient funds? Whatever,it's a 5.

The sound gets a 7 because GOOD LORD THE TRACKS HERE ARE GOOD! Steadfast Duel,Swing Pendulum of Souls,DDD,they're all so good! And openings 3 and 4 are great too,though the final

Characters get a 3 because good god are they most poorly developed,I'd say that Yuuya gets the most development out of them all,you know,because of story and MC bias. Same can be said about the MC's love interest,Yuzu,and the two guys from the Xyz Dimension,Shun and Yuuto. BUT DON'T WORRY GUYS CHARACTERS FROM THE OLD SERIES EXCEPT DM ARE RETURNING,I'M SURE THEY WI-nope,they're as bad as the original characters,with little to no development,with Jack getting the better of it,and Kaito,Edo,and Asuka,the worst of it. Anyways,i like Yuuri because of his personality,Reiji because he plays like any guy playing Yu-Gi-Oh in real life would,and Jack because...he's King.

Enjoyment,yeah it's a 5,it could've been a 7-8,but due to the bullshit called "Action Cards" it made "Action Duels" more boring,because we would expect the outcome much easier,while in the previous series' it made for more tension. If only they hadn't forgotten about Action Traps...

Overall,i gave it a 3,it had a lot of wasted potential for this to be the shows 20th anniversary (is it?) show,i wish the dragons could have more depth,AKABA LEO AND Z-ARC HAVING BEEN BETTER VILLAINS,AND THE ENDING TO BE MORE SATISFYING.
But i guess it ended,so we won't see that end...
At least it's over no-Oh no.