Jun 18, 2017
Febh (All reviews)
"Imagining some very bizarre" "It must be very funny, kkk"
"wow, look at this anime, i think it's cool" "Oh my god, why I watched this?..."
A short animation, but why...... ?

Simply two perverted lolis, wanting a harem...
after this, an other loli literally falls from the ceiling...
She has candies, do you know what happens if you eat them?
You start to shit the egg without stopping....
It's really....
Why does this exist?
certainly a Overall: 1/10
In those hours that he needed below-zero grades...
If you liked this, please, re-view your concepts...
Mean score of this is: 3.86... Super deserved

Story: Pathetic
Art: Fair
Sound: Poor
Character: Pathetic
Enhoyment: Pathetic