Jun 18, 2017
RTPDJRT1 (All reviews)
I rarely write reviews so bear with me por favor.
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Its a Korean animated movie as you can tell its not a Japanese title

Story: 7/10
It's based in the 60s i believe not really sure
So this is about a girl who struggles with accepting failure.
She was once an athlete and quit because the thought of her losing to someone else was a total nightmare.
Basically throughout the movie a lot of self acceptance and self love is a reoccurring theme. There's some new girl introduced but I didn't see the relevance at all maybe she would have been the 2nd protagonist for story development but no.
Like I really don't get it, they become friends and i thought there would be a deeper story for her and a boy she's interested in. There's a lot that happens but theres no closure for any of it.
It's a coming of age movie but with a lot random plot holes missing in the story. If those holes weren't there I would give this a 10. Also you would know which holes I'm talking about if you watch the movie.

Art: 9/10
I literally love love the art. I hate tacky anime with rainbow colored hair and like the cutesy type animation for example like mayo chiki. it's very basic art with black hair and brown eyes. It gives off a studio ghibli vibe. people might think I'm crazy but I prefer an old art style looking animation than modern looking anime

sound: 7/10
It was okay nothing outstanding
there was cliche music you hear every movie like this so there nothing worthy to mention.
ALSO this is a KOREAN animated movie it might feel strange at first hearing a language you're not used to listening all the time but you get used to it.

Enjoyment: 8/10
it was a cute movie to watch especially shipping the main and her love interest and learning more about her and seeing her grow as a person.

overall 8/10
I didn't like the holes as i mentioned before but I mostly think this was a good movie

i recommend this if you want to watching something a little different