Jun 16, 2017
TuyNOM (All reviews)
Like Sword Art Online or No Game No Life, King's Avatar is an anime that has aroused great interest when the first episodes were aired. Indeed, the fantasy universe and the dynamism of the action scenes are attractive. Also add a strong, intelligent and charismatic main character and you have all the ingredients needed to produce a popular anime. Moreover, unlike most animes about games, King's Avatar really focuses on e-sports with players who live outside the game. (Characters aren't transported into the game like Sword Art Online.)
But the show is properly executed? Meh.
STORY: 3/10

If you read the synopsis, you can continue.
The story is very generic. If you were expecting any development around e-sports, you will soon be disappointed. For each episode, you just follow the adventures of Ye Xiu who confronts monsters to beat the best records. As Ye Xiu was a top-tier professional player, it isn't surprising to see that he has no difficulty in eliminating enemies. So as you know in advance that Ye Xiu will win all the fights, then there is no more tension, no suspense on the outcome of the fight. Consequently, the action scenes lose interest and serve only to highlight the unrivaled force of the main character.
Also there is absolutely no explanation on how the game works, whether it's skills, mana, and so on. Therefore, when Ye Xiu develops a strategy, I'm forced to take Ye Xiu's word for it: he chooses the best tactic since I don't have the information concerning their enemies or their skills. Obviously the series seems to be addressed to fans of MMORPG.
Regarding the different worlds, there is no exploration. With each new world, Ye Xiu creates a team of several players to eliminate the monsters and annihilate the final boss. There are oppositions between the different teams but nothing really dangerous since they do not represent a threat to Ye Xiu, too superior to other players.
In general, the story is disjointed. We move from one event to another without logical connection. Because of this, the plot loses consistency because you do not know why such an event takes place or why such a character is introduced. I think the fault is also due to a bad adaptation. If more than 10 chapters are adapted for each episode, it will be difficult to produce a quality scenario. I guess a lot of scenes have been cut.

The characters have almost no development. Only "the presumptuous" Ye Xiu is a bit interesting because he is the only character who really has a background. For the others, they are present only to admire the prowess of Ye Xiu. They are not especially useful since during the offensives, it is essentially Ye Xiu who dictates the strategy to them. They are at times stupid or perhaps deliberately stupid to highlight the hero's intelligence. What is surprising is that they dedicate their whole lives to the game. They have no private life: no love relationship, no family life, no financial difficulties ... Everything is for the best for our players, lol. Their only worry is to get better in the game and try to defeat Ye Xiu.
There is no real construction in the relationships between the characters. It would have been interesting to focus on non-IRL relationships.

I don't like the mix between traditional animation and CGI. The animation of the clouds in the sky seems too false and contrasts too much with the animation of the characters. It looks like Ufotable-discount.
Some backgrounds are botched because the characters are animated in CGI and look like puppets that move in slow motion and I find them disturbing.
However the animation during action scenes is really commendable because there is a real effort in the movements of the characters and the staff did not content to insert fixed shots as in many Japanese animes. At times, it's awkward because the characters stand out too much of the scenery.
SOUND: 6/10

Personally, hearing Chinese has never bothered me but I know it prevents some people from watching because they have difficulties with the unusual sounds of the Chinese language compared to Japanese. The opening is really attractive and the song is rather pleasant. As for the ED, the song reminds me of some K-pop musics, neither bad nor exceptional. The soundtrack isn't really impressive apart from one or two tracks that I found excellent.

The anime doesn't generally meet my expectations. I get deeply bored when I watch a series of action without content because it makes the action a bit simple/stupid. I know the series is tagged "comedy" but I don't find it especially funny, except for episode 11.
I don't see the interest of following a series where I only have to watch a professional ex-player dismount the enemies one by one without any exploration of the game or characters. Instead of watching an anime where I see an individual playing, why wouldn't I play myself?

Honestly, I recommend you invite friends to play [insert name of the game], I'm sure you will have a better time.