Jun 15, 2017
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Stories associated with criminal groupings are always very popular with the public, as they usually arouse interest in all age groups, from teenagers to mature people. The creators that touched this theme, usually win, at least in marketing, because lure the viewer is not difficult.

So, as far as I know, inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, the Japanese writer-programmer starts work on his own criminal composition – Baccano!

Initially, Baccano! - is a series of books in the format of light novel, authored by Ryohgo Narita, with illustrations by Katsumi Enami. Later, in 2007 in Japan studio Brains Base released an anime adaptation, on it we will stop in detail.

Of course, the unusual format and criminal atmosphere of America of the 20th century beckons the viewer, but more importantly, how the creators will work out very important details. Much more important is that inside this beautiful and inviting “shell”. After all, it is very important to create an atmosphere that is original and memorable for the viewer, while avoiding banalities and repetitions.

Well, Baccano! - a really strange phenomenon. 30th years, the United States, the Great Depression. America of the 30's is a separate universe, with its unique fashion, music, good and bad guys, morality and worldview. A train approaches New York, on board which strange people started bloody showdowns. Gangsters walk on streets of the city, a young girl is looking for her missing brother, who in conflict with the mafia. All this is extremely confusing and catches the viewer suddenly. Story begins to show from the middle, after, it gradually complementing with elements from the beginning and ending. The first few series of the series are difficult to watch, as the viewer does not understand much, but here help atmosphere and style, mentioned above. Thanks to them, Baccano! still looks interesting.

Baccano is a wonderful absurdity on the verge of reality, where immortality is not surprising. Here, a whiny and cowardly lad became the founder of a dangerous and influential gang, and a crazy killer who has need for endless murders has the purest romantic feelings. That a couple of rustic talkative thieves in fact, without knowing it, bring good and positive to the whole world. And this is all told in the first episodes. The viewer is simply a participant in the turmoil, like a journalist. This series boasts a variety of different characters, with individual stories, interlacing in one place. The characters are worthy of special attention, so about them in order:

Isaac and Miria - inseparable and comical a pair of thieves, always falling into the woes, the basis of all humor in series. They, without knowing it, carry only good and joy with their actions. With confidence I can say that this is one of the best, or even the best of the duets of characters in general. Even the not very interested viewer will remember this couple first. A pair of cheerful, eccentric amateur thieves, their actions and charisma will remain in the memory of anyone for a long time.
Jacuzzi Splot is a shy and polite gang leader. He is easily frightened, but he is capable of exceptional courage and leadership abilities when the situation demands it. The second most important character, in my opinion. The manner of his actions causes a lot of questions, at first it is not quite clear who he is, so he becomes even more interesting.
Firo Prochainezo is one of the young members of the Martilo family. The boss of the family Martilo takes him to the family. Firo is a handsome and proud guy with his own principles and views of the world. He plays a very important role in the series.
Ladd Russo is a sadist, a mafia killer. At first glance it seems that Ladd is a white-haired psychopath who knows nothing but how to kill, but it's not. Ladd is very fond of Lua and expresses it through a promise to kill her, slowly, after he slay everyone else.

About the characters can talk for a long time. Listed the most memorable, in my opinion characters, I want to say that the of these characters and is a small problem of the series. On the screen flashes a huge number of people, and the story is narrated as a puzzle, it is very easy to get confused, which can cause rejection to the series. Patience and memory are required from the viewer, since the whole picture of the story will only take shape in the final series.

The atmosphere of criminal America of the 30s, of course, is best conveyed by music and soundtracks to the series. The theme is chosen perfectly, so it's easy to choose sound compositions, they fit perfectly and reflect the entire character of the series. Noisy and rhythmic compositions perfectly express the hype around. And of course, can not do without jazz. At certain moments, on background is played by a magnificent and melodic jazz, perfectly conveying the atmosphere of the bar or restaurant. Give people mafia hats, restaurants, Thompson guns and add to it great music - the effect will be stunning.

No less important is animation in the series. Art made is executed at a high level and in especially important moments of the series you can see its beauty. Characters are made in an original style and each one stands out. The movements of the heroes are bright and dynamic. The surroundings are shown beautifully and reliably. The poor, criminal neighborhoods of America, bars and restaurants, mafia mansions and so on, all this causes a pleasant sensation in the viewer's soul.

So, what is the result? Baccano! - is a cocktail of genres: action, fantasy, mystery, adventure. And I will not say that it's bad, everything turned out pretty well. Bright and interesting characters, a dynamic and unpredictable plot, as well as a lot of good and smart humor.

Baccano! Definitely has its charm. This, at least, can surprise and worth your time and your viewing, you will not regret it.

*WARNING* Here review end, and below will be a lot of spoilers. This is a brief description of the plot, perhaps someone missed something, because to understand everything is difficult enough.

As I understand it, the story begins on the ship, in 1711 a group of alchemists using a spell summon a demon to get the elixir of eternal life. The demon gives them it, as well as a way to stop their existence (those who have received the gift can "devour" each other) and gives the caster of Maiza the formula of the elixir. Maiza and most alchemists decide that what happened must remain between them, only Szilard opposes. The next night, people on board begin to disappear, devoured by Szilard, realizing that, to stay together can not, the alchemists scatter around the world.

In New York in November 1930, Szilard recreates the elixir, but it is stolen by Dallas Genoard. The elixir is constantly moving around the city because of Dallas, the Gandor brothers, the two eccentric thieves Isaac and Miria, Firo and the Martilo family, but almost none of them understand what it is. Szilard makes Dallas incomplete immortal (he is still getting old, but can not be killed) to get the elixir. However, the Gandoras, Firo Prochenso, Martilo, and Isaac and Miria accidentally drink an elixir. Firo falls in love with the daughter of Szilard, the homunculus Ennis. After she betrays her father and tells Firo how to defeat Szilard. The Gandors roll Dallas into cement and throw it at the bottom of the river to punish him for killing family members.

At the end of 1931, the Gandors struggled with the Runoratas family to manage the same area. In an attempt to resolve the situation, Luck Gandor asks his foster brother Claire Stanfield, the legendary murderer, to come to New York. Claire agrees and settles on the transcontinental train as a conductor. The train is captured simultaneously by Russo and Lemure gangs, between which there are fights. Meanwhile, the Jacuzzi Splot, and his gang is trying to protect the passengers (by the way, I still do not understand how Jacuzzi and company have appeared in a train), while Clare portrays a monster that kills train passengers. The last remaining members of the Lemures are defeated by the Jacuzzi gang. The train arrives in early 1932.

Meanwhile, Eva Genoard is looking for her brother, Dallas, talking to Luck Gandor, who is still angry because of the murders committed by Dallas. However, later Luck secretly tells Eve where the brother is.