Jun 13, 2017
MJynx251 (All reviews)

The art style looks basically pastel colors, and since this anime short is for everyone of any age, it's also appropriate.

I've watched a lot of anime (probably not as much as some/most), but I can safely say that this was a great experience.

It's different. It's magical.

I mean, it's such a cute concept involving zippers and family!

The short is worth approximately 10 minutes of your time if you want something a little new to your diet of anime.

EPISODE 02: So now there's an Episode 02 for this "series".

I will be keeping the score of 10 for Fastening Days.

The issues I have with the second Episode are the voices and the plot. Suddenly there's a show-offish young girl whose pronunciations are rather... awful. I mean no offense to the VA and I'm all for her type of voice, but I wish that someone let her redo her lines so that they could be understood WITHOUT aid (i.e. captions).

Plot-wise is OK for a second episode. There's not as much spice as there was for the first Fastening Days.

In all, still a score of 10. The concept of zippers is something I'm still fond of =D