Jun 10, 2017
NiniAlex (All reviews)
This manga has great potential but sadly drops the is it still ongoing I cannot comment on the my overall opinion of it or how i fell about the ending-as an ending can make or break a story. (although I do not plan to find out as I have lost interest and do not plan on forcing myself to read the rest).
Everything about the anime is ok..go ahead and read if, if you want and have the time. It really isn't that bad but nothing ground break or worth being on my list of book I want, or even recommended manga.
The humor in the manga can be very funny but the humor can only go so far in a story that seems to drag on forever.

The charters are were I have the most problems with. I know in literature, especially manga, writers are allowed to stretch the word of disbelief. But you want me to believe that these girls....who are popular, beautiful smart, and are shown to have people wanting to be there friend...want to join this club because they have a "hard time making friend"? Really????
I can buy maybe 1 of them being popular and wanting to join the club for fun..but..I honestly was hoping/expecting for something more along the lines of "Princess Jellyfish" charters. Being a group of misfits and having there own quirks.