Jun 10, 2017
Arakuan (All reviews)
Because do not be fooled, the first episode is absolutely AWFUL. The cast is uninteresting and full of tropes, the motivation is stupid, the magic is mediocre to look at, the ecchi feels like it was included as an afterthought (yeah, yeah, just make all the girls in the school wear 50% less clothes for no reason) and the main character is pathetic at best... Until you get to the second episode. This is by far the best example of how NOT to start your show, but holy crap if it doesn't change its tune for episode two. I'm actually mad that the author undersold his own work so bad right off the bat. Especially since the approach this show takes to magic is actually really interesting once they dive into it.

Episode two feels like the beginning of something great. It cuts a lot of the bullshit and has some much darker (even somewhat disturbing) content, as well as a lot of hints and explanations for each character's motivation and attitude. The classic stuck up rich girl gets a logical and even somewhat heartwarming reason for why she takes magic and her education so seriously. The typical nice girl gets a darker albeit cliche past, and the teacher gets fleshed out into a real, likeable character. There's still a lot of show to go, and obviously there are some growing pains, but I genuinely think it will be worth keeping up with if the second episode is any indication of things to come.