Jun 9, 2017
RayaTheImmortal (All reviews)
Third time reviewing another anime.

This anime doesn't follow the first two series which is good because I had troubles with the sequel of the first anime Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. I couldn't really write something about the story without spoiling anything so I would go further for the characters.

Each characters are unique and it matches their type of music, what also makes this anime different from the other series, it is because the way they do their jumps. The jumps are set everytime so it doesn't really surprises us anymore.

You cannot really hate the characters here because they later turn out to be different or the backstory of that specific character will touch us. I really enjoy this anime, I really do, but there are some episodes where you will be really disappointed by how the story went and such. But I guess the anime creators really like to toy with us.

As for the music, it doesn't have that much of a variety because each character have their own idol song, or whenever they are in groups that they will always sing the same song over and over. But believe once you heard their songs, it will be a while before it will go away from your mind.

I hope this review is helpful for you guys.